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Between Horses and Men

dimensions variable
in-situ installation at Roskilde Festival 2012 



Between Horses and Men is a site specific installation at Roskilde festival. The project confronts the orginal premise of horse stables by questioning the function of walls to divide and confine, the notion of closure in relation to exposure and freedom. 

I took down the walls that divided the space and replaced it with plexiglass, allowing for a clear passage way to the opposite side. By deconstructing architecture, the work explores the context that man  has constructed for the animal. The experience of the space deals with the paradox of division between open and close spaces.




Through the re-encounter of spatial compartmentalisation, the work can be seen as a displacement of physical and mental parameters within the experience of the festival. The outcomes were such that men started to act like horses—bending down, crossing over wooden beams, pausing, or in search for a "prviate space" to piss.

In this aspect, the project negotiate the body as also a structure that divides oneself from others. 

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