Joanne Pang Studio




My Body Lies Over the Ocean


different lengths of iron beams borrowed from the construction of Inderhavnsbroerne
(The Inner Harbour Bridges) and placed on the stairs of Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen

dimensions variable

Afgang exhibtion, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Denmark. 

Exhibition catalogue

  Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.

Sculpture as an opening between environment and inner state of being. 
Where space becomes the material to cultivate a place and anti-place, man, object and environment can become a logical whole again.

With an interest in the relationships between body, poetics of space and gravity, I worked with the strutural aspect of the exhibition space to negotiate the site and the experience of going up to the main galleries. 

The stairs as a threshold that challenged both axis, the horizontal and vertical plane. 

Stretching across four levels of stairs, each level held a unique arrangment of iron beams. Like a musical score, the intervention was a composition of rhythm and mass—introducing an awareness of one's body's weight in relation to the experience of coping with displacement.